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CuNi-alloy Ink and Paste Materials

ANI provides ink and paste materials in two alloy concentrations (50-50 and 55-45 Cu-Ni).  CuNi-IJ5545 is a CuNi alloy (55/45) ink with a Cu to Ni ratio similar to Constantan. CuNi-IJ can be printed and cured to form conductive patterns on substrates such as silicon, ceramics and Kapton. These inks contain copper-nickel alloy nanoparticles ranging in size from 20-40nm. These inks are solvent-based and can be printed by inkjet printing and aerosol jet printing techniques. Printed copper-nickel alloy ink on plastic substrates can be photosintered in atmosphere to produce conductive copper-nickel alloy traces.  These materials are also available in paste form suitable for screen printing applications.