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CuNi-alloy Ink and Paste Materials

ANI has developed aluminum ink and paste materials for manufacturing silicon photovoltaic devices.   See Products Page

Our copper ink technology is poised to replace the industry standard silver- and gold-based inks for price sensitive applications in the printed electronics industry. Our copper inks offer several advantages:  See Products Page

ANI has developed a number of Ag ink and paste materials optimized for several applications.  See Product Page

ANI’s Ni-IJ70 is a nickel nanoparticle ink suitable for printing highly conductive lines and patterns for applications in the printed electronics, additive manufacturing and solar industry.  See Product Page

Aluminum Ink & Paste Materials

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Copper Ink & Paste Materials

Silver Ink & Paste Materials

ANI’s CuNi-alloy ink is developed for printed resistors, strain gauges, thermopiles and thermocouple applications.

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Nickel Ink Materials