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HALO combines the natural elements of copper  and iodine on a molecular level resulting in a nano-protective hygienic surface protectent that lasts up to 7 days. 

Our Clarity branded lens cleaners have are safe and effective on all types of lenses and coatings.  Clarity is available in towelettes, as well as liquid, and gel sprays.

UltraSeal coatings make surfaces easy to clean and difficult to scratch or stain.  They can be customized based on your product needs and manufacturing process.

Surface Science. Creative Solutions. 

Defog It lasts longer and outperforms all optical anti fogs in the harshest conditions.  It is safe & effective on all types of lenses and lens coatings.


Clarity Lens Cleaners


Defog It Anti Fog

HALO Hygienic Surface Protectent

Lidocaine & Menthol Pain Relief

In 2017 Nanofilm is expanding product development capabilities into consumer pain relief products with soon to launch high quality Lidocaine and Menthol offerings.


From the UltraSeal family of coatings, Defender automotive products repel rain, snow and ice from your windshield as well as eliminate fogging providing safer driving.